Washing your rent-to-buy car regularly is an investment in maintaining the value of your vehicle. It shows your pride in your vehicle and offers an opportunity to inspect the car for anything that needs attention, whether uneven tyre tread or chips to the paintwork. 

Why wash your rent-to-buy car regularly? 

Your car simply looks better when it is washed regularly, and this gives an appearance of caring by the owner. Bird droppings that land on your car are quite acidic and can damage the paint of your car, so the sooner it is removed, the better. Dust that collects on your car can potentially scratch the surface paint. Washing your car also offers you the opportunity to look for loose license plates, hubcaps, wires, or possible battery corrosion. 

How to wash your rent-to-buy car properly 

Always use cleaning products specially created for cars, choose reputable brands, and use a cloth or mitt that will not scratch the car’s paintwork. Then evaluate the condition of your vehicle. If it is less dirty, a quick wash will suffice. Before you start washing, spray down the car to remove loose dust or dirt. 

Use the three-bucket system. One bucket is filled with soapy water and the second with just clean water. You don’t want to wash your car with dirty water, so rinse the dirty cloth or mitt in the bucket with clean water, before dipping it into the soapy water bucket again. Keep the third bucket exclusively to clean your car’s tyres. Dry the car with a soft cloth and polish if necessary. 

Tips to keep your rent-to-buy car neat 

Somehow things always seem to accumulate inside your rent-to-own car. Why not use these tips to keep your car neat and organised?

  • Keep a takeaway coffee cup in one of the cup holders for dirty tissues or empty chip packets.
  • Use different sized bags to sort and store the items that are used regularly by the family, but somehow ends up cluttering your car’s cubby hole.

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