Being blacklisted today is no longer a financial death sentence – and you can qualify for blacklisted finance in South Africa. There are companies dedicated to helping you get past the limitations placed on you with a poor credit record. In most cases people are unable to earn a living without being able to get around, using their vehicles either for commuting to and from work or using it as part of their business.

It is because of this need in the market that Earn a Car identified the need to provide vehicle finance for blacklisted consumers in South Africa and providing them with their own vehicles again. Should the blacklisted consumer be able to meet certain minimum requirements, his or her blacklisted credit status won’t even factor into the application:

  • Minimum monthly repayments: To qualify for blacklisted finance from Earn a Car, the applicant needs to be able to afford the minimum monthly repayment of R2500
  • Clear criminal record: The applicant should have no criminal record and should be over 25 years old if the applicant is male
  • Minimum upfront payment: A minimum upfront payment of R15 000 is required from the applicant. This will go towards the payment required by the applicant to assume eventual ownership of his or her vehicle
  • Proof of residence and ID: Upon application for the blacklisted finance the applicant will need to produce positive proof of identification, a valid license and proof of address not older than three months
  • Bank statements and proof of income: Produce bank statements no older than three months and a payslip as proof of income

If you meet the above requirements you will easily be able to qualify for blacklisted finance in South Africa and become mobile again within 24 hours.

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