Hail storms can cause severe damage to property, people and cars. You might not be able to control the climate, but there are a few precautions you can take this summer to ensure you do not incur unnecessary expenses or have to file insurance claims. Those living in Gauteng, the Northern Cape and North West should take extra precautions against hailstorms. Below are six tips on how to keep yourself and your car safe: 

Be Proactive 

As hail season approaches, take steps to protect yourself and your family. Watch the news for weather updates or keep a close eye on your weather app for hail storms. Store a few fleece blankets,towels or a duvet in the boot of your car and drape them over your car at the first sign of hail if you not able to park under cover. 

Cover all Angles

Make sure your garage or carport can protect your car from strong winds that direct hail from the left, right, the rear and front of your car. If you have a covered area, shade cloth with links that can be clicked into pegs in the ground can also help protect your car and is more affordable than building a hollywood garage.  

Trim all Trees

Old branches, large and small can easily snap off during a severe hail storm. Make sure you keep the trees in your garden trimmed throughout the year to avoid potential damage. 

Be Careful 

Drive cautiously during a hail storm. A fast-moving car will incur more damage than a stationary vehicle, so if possible, park safely on the far side of the road or under a bridge, away from traffic.  


Do not park under flimsy structures during a hail storm. These could quite easily be blown away in strong winds. If you have to park under shade cloth or tarpaulin, make sure that there aren’t any rips or tears in the material to avoid hail from getting through and damaging your car. 


In the event that you do get caught in a hail storm, make sure your insurance covers hail damage. 

Hail damage is a costly expense that affects you, as a customer and the economy. Now that you know how to keep your car safe, contact Earn-a-Car to learn more about rent-to-own options. We provide car finance even to those with a negative credit record.