You are going through a tough time. You have lost your job, fallen behind on your payments and as a result have been blacklisted. On the upside, you have managed to get a new job, but it is not within walking distance from your house. You need a car, but how are you going to get vehicle finance with a bad credit rating?

You can stop worrying. Earn-a-Car is here to help. Choose the car of your choice, pay 20% of its value upfront and then pay off the rest in competitively priced monthly instalments that already include benefits such as accident cover, a comprehensive warranty and a tracking system. Oh and even better, this great deal includes a cash back reward system.  All you need to do to become the proud owner of your very own vehicle is meet a few basic criteria and Earn-a-Car will have you mobile within 24hours.

Earn-a-Car has revolutionized the vehicle finance system and has made it possible for those with bad credit ratings to get back on their feet. The agreement you sign with Earn-a-Car will clearly explain what you can expect from them and what they will expect from you, so that you can take ownership of the vehicle of your choice in as little as three-and-a-half to six years. Best of all: Their contracts are flexible and if you are struggling to make the payments, you can give them one calendar months’ written notice and simply return the vehicle.

This is the solution you’ve been looking for. With Earn-a-Car you’ll quickly be driving yourself out of the red and back into black. These guys understand that times are tough and that, because of the tough economic environment we currently find ourselves in, a lot of good people have fallen on hard times. So let them help you. They are definitely the people to contact if you have been blacklisted and are in need of a vehicle finance plan.