Unfortunately, many South Africans are all too familiar with being blacklisted. However, being blacklisted doesn’t rule out vehicle finance for you.

It is hard to plan for financial hurdles and we can’t always control the events in our lives. This means that you can get yourself into bad debt even if you stick to a tight budget. Unforeseen expenses can throw a spanner in the works, no matter how meticulously you have planned your finance. Not being able to pay off bank loans, or make your bond payments can result in you having a bad credit record, or being blacklisted. This makes getting car near impossible.

You may have already had your application for vehicle finance turned down. Not being able to buy a car can make it really difficult to improve your financial situation because you have to rely on other people for lifts, or make use of expensive means of transport. Being blacklisted often makes it seem out of the question to get a car when you need it most.

Don’t worry! Earn-a-car can help you buy a car even if you are blacklisted. We have solutions that let you purchase a car without having a credit check.

Get blacklisted vehicle finance today

With our earn-a-car programme, you can have a car within 24 hours. All you need to do is provide us with a valid ID, driver’s licence and proof of income and we will set up a flexible contract with you that allows you to make a minimum monthly payment for a predetermined period.

Contact Earn-a-car to find out how we can help you get finance for your car even though you are blacklisted. Come see Earn-a-car today, and drive your car tomorrow.