When you are trying to sell your car for cash you’ll want to get the most you can.

You can get a good deal on your car if  you are prepared to do a little work and spend a little money to get your car in the best shape possible.

Here are some tips:

1. Fix all mechanical issues:

Unresolved issues can scare off buyers. It will also increase the number of low ball offers when they estimate themselves how much it will cost to fix it. At the least you should get an estimate from a local garage to give your potential buyers.

2. Get your car inspected and tuned up:

Having a mechanic give your car a once over for general repairs is a good idea. Getting the fluids topped off, the tires properly inflated, and making sure all lights work can cost very little.

3. Obtain a vehicle history report:

Your buyers will likely get one from an agency that provides them. You can get one too so that you know in advance what they may find out. It can also be a chance to correct any errors on the report.

4. Clean your car:

Who doesn’t appreciate a clean car? Having it as clean as possible makes it much more inviting to potential buyers, and increases the potential value of your car by looks alone. Be sure to clean out all cup holders, glove compartments, the engine bay, steam clean the carpets and seating, and get those tires sparkling. This is a small investment, but it is also one of the most noticeable.

Another option, once you have done the above, is to take it to a dealer to get an assessment of what they will pay. Earn a Car is a dealer you can check out. They will pay out through an ABSA ATM in the amount they think it is worth if you want to sell your car for cash. Knowing what a dealer will pay will help you price your car.