If you are worried about the expense of buying a new car, consider car financing deals that offer cash back. Of course not all vehicle financing companies offer cash back, but at Earn-a-car, we do. Many people looking into car finance deals are too quick to secure their loan without taking the time to consider the implications and of course the perks and benefits that go hand in hand with their purchase. Those who are blacklisted or have a bad credit history often get themselves tied into long term contracts with high interest rates and virtually no other perks or benefits attached. If you want to take care of your finances, consider our unique vehicle financing deals at Earn-a-car.

At Earn-a-car, we believe in giving back to our customers and so, for every monthly instalment you make, we will pay you R300 cash back. The cash can be used at the end of the contract to place a deposit on a new vehicle, purchase your current vehicle, carry out repairs and maintenance or as you wish – it’s yours to spend.

Other Perks and Benefits to Car Financing with Earn-a-car

R300 cash back per month is not all you can expect when financing your vehicle with Earn-a-car as our unique car finance deals also offer the following perks:

  • Accident management and support as well as a courtesy vehicle if you are involved in an accident.
  • R500 of your instalment goes towards a towing subsidy and R250 towards servicing costs.
  • Vehicle tracker and immobiliser as well as a comprehensive vehicle warranty for the duration of your contract.

If you wish to find out more about how to get cash back through your financing deal or what other perks and benefits you can expect when doing business with us, contact us at Earn-a-car today.