The idea of earning money while you rent a car sounds absurd, but with the vehicle financing options at Earn-a-Car, it’s a reality!

At Earn-a-Car, we take all your preconceived ideas of traditional vehicle financing and throw them out the window. Just as our name states, with us, you can actually earn your car while you drive. By entering into a rental agreement with us, you will receive cash rewards for every successful month until you have amassed enough to fully purchase your vehicle.

How to qualify for vehicle financing

How do you qualify for a deal like this? Easy! Simply fill out our application online or give us a call and, if you meet our requirements, you will be on the road within a day. No invasive credit checks or complicated financing procedures necessary.

As an added bonus, we will reward you with cash for referrals. By passing on leads to us, you will be assisting friends, family and even work colleagues who have been negatively affected by bad credit records, been blacklisted or simply can’t afford to go about vehicle financing the traditional way. And for every lead you give us that results in a deal, we will give you R1,000.00 commission via the payment method of your choice.

At Earn-a-Car, we take a personal interest in meeting the needs of our clients. Our objective is to help you in any way we can and the rewards we offer are endless.

For affordable vehicle finance that will change your life for the better, contact Earn-a-Car today!