Is bad credit causing you to struggle to obtain car finance? Rent-to-own options are the perfect solution for anyone looking to purchase a car without all the financial hassles of credit bureaus. Want to find out more? No problem! We have an easy guideline on how rent-to-own works.

Rent-to-own cars

Rent-to-own is a simple rent-to-own option that allows you to pay a monthly fee towards your car. You will pay a rental installment every month (not subject to interest rates as with a vehicle loan). With this monthly fee, you can own a vehicle in as little as 54 months. The requirements are easier than vehicle finance in that there is less paperwork – all you need is your proof of payment. It is also a more affordable option for those struggling to obtain car finance and to avoid having to pay high interest rates.

Rent-to-own cars with no credit check

Earn-a-Car allows anyone to apply for a rent-to-own vehicle finance option, regardless of their credit history. There is absolutely no unnecessary paperwork or credit checks required, and all you need is your proof of payment, a minimum upfront payment of approximately R 16,500 (which goes towards administration fees), and a monthly payment of between R4,500 and R8,000. The monthly payment depends on the car you choose. It’s that simple and no, there are no hidden costs! This is a great option for buyers looking to own a car quickly, without the lengthy process of waiting on paperwork and feedback or reverts from banks. 

Along with the easy process, Earn-a-Car also offers comprehensive vehicle warranty cover options to give you additional peace of mind and you automatically receive 24 hour roadside assistance. If you qualify, the entire process takes less than 2 hours, thereafter you could be driving away, hassle free. Rent-to-own a car deals offer the best value for your money.

To learn more about these rent-to-own deals or to own your pre-owned vehicle ASAP, contact Earn-a-Car today!