When renting a car through us at Earn-a-Car, you will easily get rid of bad credit ratings. Renting through us shows you’re capable of following a monthly term contract, and bad credit ratings or a blacklisting will easily disappear as a result when you have successfully completed a rent to own programme. Earn-a-Car has an instant credit approval policy, which allows you to drive away within 1 hour, if you can provide evidence of income. Our contract is designed to let you be able to earn your own car in as short time as possible, about 4-6 years, all depending on the term and pricing in your contract. We also have a cash back system, where you will receive back R300 for every monthly payment transfer. You can spend this cash back as you please. Purchase, or save it for later when purchasing the car at the end of your contract. Getting rid of bad credit rating and blacklisting will open up opportunities in the future.

An easy way to earn some extra cash for yourself

Earn-a-Car offers a great way for you to make some extra cash. By helping others making the same decision, you can earn money at the same time. If you know someone who’s blacklisted or are having difficulties with getting vehicle financing, why not refer them to us? We make our living by solving bad credit and blacklist issues, so for every successful referral that results in us helping someone Earn-a-Car, you can earn R1000 in cash. Read more about sending us a SMS with the name and telephone number of someone struggling to get vehicle financing, by clicking this site and filling out the form.

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