Owning a car gives you independence. However, financing one can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have a low credit score. With Earn-a-Car’s rent-to-buy option and quick process, you will be behind the wheel of a bright, shiny car within an hour after we have finalised the agreement. Earn-a-Car is focused on making the process quick and hassle-free through online approvals and speedy feedback. You can own your vehicle in as little as 54 months.

Whether you are a student that needs to get to lectures, or working, having a car makes life that much easier. This is why Earn-a-Car offers simple rent-to-own vehicle financing for customers that need vehicle finance but are struggling to get finance due to a low credit score or are blacklisted. Earn-a-Car has helped over 5 000 people get access to affordable vehicle finance. With excellent vehicle finance plans to suit your budget, Earn-a-Car is able to assist you, quickly.  

With Earn-a-Car’s rent-to-buy option, you can own your car even with a low credit score.

Did you know that there are approximately six million South African’s who are blacklisted?  If you are one of them, Earn-a-Car is happy to help you get back behind the wheel of a car with a long term rent-to-own car finance option.

The requirements are simple:

  • If you have proof of income
  • Can make a minimum upfront payment of approximately R 16,500 (admin fee)
  • Make a monthly payment of between R 4,500 to R6,000 depending on the car you choose
  • Meet our simple requirements

For more information contact Earn-a-Car today and you could be driving away with your rent-to-buy car, quickly.