Tell someone. We’ll give you R750.00 for referrals.

When you refer someone to Earn-a-car and it results in a signed contract, we’ll pay you R750.00 for your effort. There are three great reasons to help people who need transport now:

You’ve earned your car!

      • You’ve used Earn-a-car to get back on the road. You know how convenient our debt-free programme is. Now tell your friends, family, and acquaintances. That way, you’ll get even more from your relationship with us.

You’re a born do-gooder

      • You know someone who needs wheels but is either blacklisted or can’t get vehicle finance. Point them in our direction and we’ll see them right. You could even turn this into a full-time career. Ask us about our training programme.

You arrange vehicle financing.

    • You see it every day. Declined credit applications. Disappointed customers. Has your client been turned down for vehicle finance? Refer them to Earn-a-car and we’ll pay you for every qualified lead. And don’t worry – we’re discreet.

How you’ll be paid

You decide how you want to be paid for every successful lead from these 2 choices:

  1. We’ll load R750.00 into an ABSA ATM for you.  We will send you an SMS with the pin details and instructions;
  2. We’ll deposit the money into your Bank account (you will need to provide us with your Bank Details).

How to refer us leads

You can forward us leads using this form below or by SMS +27 66 077 9404 as many times and as often as you like. We will come back to you on which leads were successful and pay you your R750.00 for each converted lead in the manner you requested.

NB : You are responsible for the income tax on your referral commission.

T & C’s Apply

  1. You can’t refer yourself.
  2. When the same person is referred twice, we will honor the payment to the person that emailed the referral the 1st time.

Contact us today and start earning while helping others.
It’s easy.

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