BLACKLISTED – NEED A CAR but can’t get vehicle finance?

We will get you mobile with our fleet of pre-owned quality cars. No credit checks required. Are you credit blacklisted?

Your past credit history will adversely affect your ability to get traditional finance for a car, but through our unique model we will get you behind the wheel and driving within 24hours – GUARANTEED!

We will not only help you get mobile and rehabilitate your credit rating but stay with us and we GUARANTEE that you will own the car you choose even if you are blacklisted. (click-here to find out about our cash-back/Earn-a-car programme)

We have a fleet of vehicles to suit the needs of blacklisted persons across the board.

Blacklisted? Finance Problems? We will get you mobile

Your bad credit history can disadvantage you when you try to finance a car. The truth is one in four people in South Africa are credit blacklisted so being on the ITC blacklist is nothing to be ashamed of.

Don’t despair! Earn-a-car has the solution to your blacklisted difficulties because we don’t run credit checks on our clients. Simply meet the basic requirements and we will have you on the road. While you rehabilitate your blacklisted credit record, we help you buy the car of your choice.

In addition to this we offer you value for your money so that you get a whole lot more than what you may have expected from Earn-a-car .

Further, the longer you stay with us, the more we reward you with our unique cash back bonus scheme.

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