When you’re blacklisted and need a car, solving your transportation issue might seem close to impossible. Most will be quick to say it is. What is definitely impossible is getting off that blacklist without a car, because you need one to get to work so you can make money.

When you’re blacklisted, chances are that you won’t get vehicle financing the traditional way. Financial institutions like banks usually don’t extend credit to people who are credit blacklisted. But you probably know this already, because you’ve tried. So what do you do? What can you do? You need a car now or you’ll probably get fired from your job as well if you don’t get one within the next 24 hours. Is there anybody out there who can help you?

The answer is yes – and the people you are looking for are called Earn-A-Car. We will help you solve your transportation issue in almost no time at all and will have you behind the wheel of a car within 24 hours if you meet our simple requirements. You will be able to choose the car you want from our fleet of pre-owned vehicles – and included in our low monthly rate are all the necessities, like insurance and breakdown assistance.

With us, you will own your car in as little as three and a half to six years – and if you don’t want it any longer you’ll get a lump sum of cash when your contract ends. No credit checks are required, because at Earn-a-Car we know that in these uncertain times, being blacklisted can happen to anyone.

The best part of this deal is that by entering into a contract with us, you’ll be able to rehabilitate your credit rating and get off that blacklist. What more can you ask for?

So contact us today, because we are the people to call on when you are blacklisted and need a car.