Understanding how your credit record is calculated is important knowledge to have whether you have been blacklisted, affected by bad credit, or not. When you understand the process by which information is gathered, it makes it easier to investigate problems or rectify the situation and get your credit record back on track.

A credit record is an accumulation of data based on all the payments you have either made or missed and every time a payment is either made or missed, your credit record will change accordingly. When applying for new credit such as a loan for a car or house, banks can pull this information to determine whether or not you are a good risk based on your credit history.

What can you do to rectify bad credit if you have been blacklisted?

The best way to rectify your credit record is to pay off new credit, but new credit can be very hard to come by when you have been blacklisted, which is why you should look to Earn-a-Car for the solution to your problem.

At Earn-a-Car, we do not take your credit record into account when you look at purchasing one of our vehicles. Instead, we buck the ideals of traditional vehicle financing and help you earn your vehicle over a period of time. With our tailor-made payment plans, you will always be capable of paying your installment on time which means you will be doing the necessary repair to your credit record while you drive.

Browse through our excellent range of second hand vehicles, or contact us for more details on how we can help you get your finances back on track.