If you find yourself listed with credit bureaus and in need of blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa, there is a way for you to still earn your own car. You will not be punished with high interest rates or ridiculous fees either. Earn-a-Car helps blacklisted consumers with vehicle finance and offers them a chance to own their own car. If you have an adverse credit history it will certainly impact your application for vehicle finance if you go through the traditional routes available. However, Earn-a-Car won’t keep it against you and will help you to quality for blacklisted vehicle finance.

In today’s day and age it is near to impossible to earn a living for many people if they don’t have access to their own reliable transport. Earn-a-Car will help you to get mobile within 24 hours of receiving your application. You will be able to own the car you choose and work towards earning your own car through their revolutionary “Earn-Your-Car” program.

You will need to meet a few basic requirements to qualify for this program, including:

  • Valid diver’s license: Present your valid driver’s license and proof of identity along with your application for blacklisted vehicle finance to help the application process faster
  • Up front payment: You will need an upfront payment of at least R15 000 available
  • Three months’ bank statements: Present your three month bank statements where your salary is deposited as well as your recent payslip
  • Clear criminal record: You should also not have any criminal record to qualify for Earn-a-Car’s blacklisted vehicle finance

If you are in need of blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa contact Earn a Car.

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