Are banks constantly telling you that your credit score isn’t good enough to qualify for vehicle finance or that the car you can afford is too old to qualify? Well, there’s no need to give up because Earn-a-Car has a fantastic long-term rental programme to help you buy the car of your dreams!

How the process works:

Essentially, you are renting the car you want to buy from Earn-a-Car, and you earn money for each month that you complete on their programme. At the end of the month, that money goes towards buying the car that you’re renting. Because it’s a rent-to-buy programme and not traditional vehicle financing, they don’t need to be as strict as banks when it comes to approving clients for cars. It also means that you can get the car you want for less money than the bank would ask for, which is great on your pocket as well!

So when will you take ownership of your car?

If you meet their qualifications, which are designed to be as simple as possible, you could be driving away in a new car of your choice in 24 hours! By going through this long-term rental programme, Earn-a-Car guarantees that you will be the full owner of your car in 3 to 6 years, which shows just what a great deal it really is.

What car can I get?

The best thing about Earn-a-Car’s long-term rental programme isn’t just that it’s easy to qualify for your own car in 3 to 6 years, but that they have such a wide range of cars on offer! You don’t have to worry that they’ll only have small or used cars, or that you’ll end up owning a car that you don’t like. They’ll have everything from the latest, more expensive brands to economical family cars and cheaper used vehicles, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs and your budget.

To find out more about Earn-a-Car’s unique and flexible long-term rental options and how you could end up with the car of your dreams without having to use traditional vehicle finance, contact us today!