You’re a young professional and you’ve been struggling for what seems like forever now to get finance for a car. You are fed up with waiting, but you’ve realised that, if you have to continue to make use of unreliable public transport to get to work and back, the chances of you getting that promotion are slim to none.

Or, you’re blacklisted and desperately need a car. You’re sick and tired of always having to rely on other people to get you where you need to be and you’ve been trying for ages, but it just does not seem like you’ll ever get there. This is where Earn-a-Car steps in and offers you your very own set of wheels within 24hours. Unreal? Almost, but not quite. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, they won’t make you jump through hoops to get finance for a car: Just meet a few basic criteria, and you’re pretty much there.

All you have to do is:

  1. Put down a minimum upfront payment of around R15,000.00 or more. It will all depend on which car you choose and will never exceed 20% of the vehicle’s value.
  2. Although Earn-a-Car will not penalise you for being blacklisted, you’ll need to be able to put down a minimum monthly payment of R2,500.00. Included in this small amount are loads of extras, like accident cover, cash back, a tracking system and accident support.
  3. It goes without saying that you’ll have to be in possession of a valid driver’s licence.
  4. You will be required to provide proof of ID, proof of residence, original bank statements of more than three months and a recent payslip.
  5. You’ll need to have no criminal record or previous unresolved issues with Earn –a-Car. However, being blacklisted does not count!
  6. Lastly, if you’re a guy, you’ll need to be over 25 years old.

Easy peasy. Go get yourself that car. Contact Earn-a-Car today!