Getting blacklisted can be the beginning of what seems like a never ending list of troubles. Even if the circumstances leading to your situation were way beyond your control, getting finance for a simple necessity such as a vehicle becomes impossible – and that can stand in the way you achieving what is necessary to rectify your bad credit record, like that all important job.

Thankfully, Earn-a-Car is here to provide the solution to all these problems by providing you with a top quality second-hand vehicle with none of the stressful processes you would encounter when seeking vehicle financing elsewhere – like credit checks.

Once you have qualified to get a vehicle through us via a simple application process, we will offer you a great selection of good quality second-hand vehicles as well as a variety of payment plans that will enable you to earn your car as you drive, set you on the road to getting the job you want and rectifying your blacklisted status.

By dealing with Earn-a-Car, you become part of the Earn-a-Car family and will even be able to earn monetary rewards by sticking to your payment plan and referring us to other people you know who may be in a similar situation to you.

Remember you are not alone. There are many others who are dealing with a very similar situation to you, so don’t allow your being blacklisted to stand in the way of moving forward.

Call Earn-a-Car today and get back on your feet.