Having a car is an essential element of our day to day lives in South Africa. Public transport is erratic, unsafe and expensive. The only reliable option is to own your own car. However, there are many barriers:

  • A poor credit profile,
  • If you do not want to have a loan on your name,
  • No credit history,
  • If you are blacklisted, and/or
  • No deposit.

Buying A Car While Blacklisted 

It may seem like an insurmountable obstacle to get car finance if you have a bad credit record. However, the good news is that there are many buyers with poor credit records, yet they are taking the wheel with the help of Rent-to-Own options. This is how these car deals work:

From you – The following is required:

  • Your proof of income,
  • Proof that you have the ability to pay a monthly instalment of between R 3 000 and R6 000.
  • A payment of approximately R 16 500 for an admin fee and the first months’ rental.
  • You must complete our application form with simple requirements.

From us – you will get:

  • A fixed rental payment,
  • Transparency – No hidden costs,
  • The option to terminate the rental agreement with one month’s notice,
  • Part of the monthly rental is in cash which may be paid back to you to spend as you like, if your account is kept up to date,
  • A portion of your monthly rental will be kept aside to assist you with the servicing and maintenance of your vehicle,
  • Comprehensive accident cover,
  • Vehicle Tracking,
  • Comprehensive vehicle warranty cover to give you peace of mind,
  • Vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance, and
  • The possibility of earning R1 000 cash reward for every successful referral you make.


To find out more about our solution to the tough road you have been travelling – the detours and dead-ends with which you have been confronted. Don’t wait, contact our experienced and dedicated consultants today!