Are you desperate to replace your old car, but find that you are turned down over and over for vehicle finance in South Africa? Many vehicle finance companies will not consider awarding car loans if you have a poor credit record. At Earn-a-Car however, we offer the best vehicle finance option for individuals who are blacklisted or have a bad credit record.


Earn-a-car can approve you for car finance with bad credit

If you’re looking for the best vehicle finance but are struggling with a bad credit record, Earn-a-Car can help. Even if you are blacklisted, with us you can get on the road quickly and easily if you are permanently employed, have proof of income and can make an initial down payment of R10 000.


How does Earn-a-Car work? 

Buying a car while blacklisted is just about impossible if you apply for vehicle finance in South Africa. At Earn-a-Car we offer a rent-to-own financing plan, which is different from traditional finance in that we own the vehicle for the duration of your lease period, at the end of which you are given the option to buy the car. Your monthly rental fees are calculated as finance instalments. You are also given R300 cash back for each rental payment you make, with this money being put aside for you to use to pay any final amount owing on the car – in this way, you do earn your car!


Car finance with a bad credit record is possible

At Earn-a-Car, we understand how difficult life can be without a car, or with a car that urgently needs to be replaced. Our rent-to-own scheme provides a real solution for those who need to arrange car finance with bad credit. When you choose Earn-a-Car, you also receive a whole lot of other benefits, such as R250 per month towards servicing costs, vehicle tracking, accident support, breakdown assistance and much, much more.


For information on arranging the best vehicle finance despite a bad credit record, contact us today.