Let’s face it: This is not the kind of summer you wanted or expected. One thing led to another and now you’re blacklisted. Your original plan for this summer was, of course, to finally buy that new car. And, it’s not like it would be a luxury or a kind of ‘Christmas present to myself’, but an absolute necessity because the car you have is on the verge of a complete breakdown – and without a car your debt problem is never going to be solved. So what now? There isn’t a bank or other financial institution in this country that is going to give you vehicle finance with your credit rating and as mentioned earlier, without a car things are only going to get worse.

Before you give up hope completely though, you’ve decided to search the Internet and see if there isn’t someone out there who understands your situation and is willing to lend you a helping hand, which brought you to this blog. Well, you can breathe easy now, because you’ve found the people you’ve hoped to find – and they are called Earn-a-Car.

You will not only be behind the wheel of a new car within 24 hours, but through entering into an agreement with us, you’ll also be able to rehabilitate your credit rating.

You choose the car you want from our wide range of pre-owned vehicles and, for a low monthly rate, you’ll even get a load of extras like insurance and breakdown assist. In as little as three-and-a-half to six years, you’ll have paid off your vehicle – and if you don’t want it any longer you can exchange it for a lump sum of cash when your contract ends.

To start your journey from “in the red” to “back in the black”, contact us today – because when you’re blacklisted and need a new car, we are here for you.