Most pre-owned vehicle dealerships will offer cash for your used car.  However, the amount depends on the scruples of the individual – or trader – concerned.

Earn-a-car offers you the opportunity to sell your car for cash and get a sound, market-valued, “feel-good deal” from a company that offers a somewhat different service to the potential new owner of your “old faithful” – because many customers who sign up with Earn-a-car has either been blacklisted, or rated as having a poor credit history with the ITC!

Anyone who’s ever had a problem obtaining a bank-loan (or the finance necessary to purchase a decent motor vehicle that isn’t a dodgy old “skedonk”), will sympathise with the plight of being turned down by a dealer, often for something as petty as “slow payment”.

This powerless frustration is experienced by one in every four South Africans, and – unfortunately – a bad credit record can prejudice peoples’ chances of ever improving their situations – even if they qualify for financing in all other respects!

However, none of this your problem, since selling your car for cash to Earn-a-car promises you:

  • A competitive price for your pre-owned vehicle, and,
  • The opportunity to provide one of our many thousands of dependable blacklisted customers the chance to own quality wheels and get mobile, via an effective, affordable, valued-added “rent-to-buy” system, while rehabilitating their credit ratings.

So, you can rest assured that by selling your 2nd hand car for cash to Earn-a-car, you’ll not only do yourself a favour, but prevent someone from forever being dogged by a legacy of not being creditworthy.  Besides – maybe Earn-a-car can help some deserving person you know to own a reliable, pre-owned vehicle!  Contact us today, and we’ll even give you a lift home in our courtesy car!