Fuel-efficient cars can help you to save money and the environment. Maximise your car’s fuel efficiency with these recommendations on the most fuel-efficient cars on the local market. 

Most fuel-efficient budget cars in South Africa

With the price of fuel constantly rising, fuel-efficient cars can save you thousands of Rands per year. Thankfully, a fuel-efficient car in South Africa is not hard to find. Here’s a list of fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • Fiat 500 

The Fiat 500 has a fuel-efficient 3.8 litres (L) per 100 km. It is also budget-friendly, compact, and available in a hatchback.

  • Suzuki Celerio

You can save money on topping up fuel as this model holds 4.2 L per 100 km. Available in automatic and manual models, it is also considered one of the most affordable cars when it comes to maintenance costs.

  • Mahindra KUV100 

The Mahindra has a fuel consumption of around 4.3 L per 100km. With a 3-cylinder engine and 115m torque, this ride comes with power and fuel efficiency. 

  • Renault Kwid Automatic 

Unlike the manual Renault Kwid, the automatic version consumes up to 4.4 L per 100km. It is also quite popular in South Africa due to its lower costs and maintenance.

  • Toyota Agya 1.0 

The Toyota Agya 1.0 is a small, yet powerful car. It will also help you to save fuel with its 4.8 L per 100km consumption. The manual will save you more fuel than the automatic, which consumes around 4.8 L per 100km.

Is an electric or hybrid car right for you?

Both hybrids and electric cars are great options to save on the amount of fuel you consume. Choosing a car that’s best for you will depend on your budget. An electric car tends to be more expensive although they have lower net emissions. A hybrid car or a plug-in hybrid is a more cost-effective solution for you and the fuel economy. 

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