Buying a car is a big commitment. In South Africa especially, cars are pretty expensive (compared to vehicle prices in the rest of the world). At Earn-A-Car, we often see people committing to vehicle finance and car payments before carefully considering their options. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you buy a car and commit to vehicle financing programmes:

Do you really need a car?

If you’ve already got a car that’s in working condition, ask yourself if you really need a new one and why. Do you simply want a newer model or is this a necessity in your life?

Can you buy a second hand car?

Second hand cars are usually better value for money. Not only can you knock off a lot of money on your monthly repayments, but the overall sum will be less in the long run. Ask yourself if you are prepared to settle for a second hand car.

Can you afford the monthly payments?

Not everyone has a flexible budget. Sit down and work out your monthly expenses to find out if you really have enough extra money in a month to pay the monthly instalments.

What types of alternative vehicle financing options are available to me?

At Earn-A-Car, we offer an affordable, alternative solution that lets you earn your car in a few short years. Instead of going the traditional route and buying a car with financing from a bank, we essentially let you earn your car.

We offer great deals and a number of value added services. For more information about investing in a vehicle from Earn-A-Car, contact us today.