Rent-to-buy car finance is a good option when you are blacklisted or if obtaining car finance is a struggle. We give four reasons why you should consider rent-to-buy car finance for your next vehicle purchase. 

1. Blacklisting is not a problem 

Unforeseen events can happen to anyone and if this leads to you being blacklisted, it can get very frustrating. At Earn-a-Car, you can get rent-to-buy car finance even if you are blacklisted. If you meet the criteria set by Earn-a-Car, instant approval is possible.  

2. You can get back to work faster 

If you need a vehicle for work purposes, every moment you do not have a vehicle is a loss of income. Earn-a-Car is able to process your application quickly, which means that you can be driving away in a rent-to-own vehicle in less than one hour.   

3. The contractual obligations for a rent-to-buy car are clearly communicated

Vehicle finance companies have a lot of rules and regulations. At Earn-a-Car, the agreement signed between both parties clearly communicates in easy to understand terminology, what you can expect from Earn-a-Car and what Earn-a-Car expects of you. The contracts are flexible, and you are normally allowed to end the agreement with one calendar months’ written notice and the return of the vehicle.  

4. You can earn cash for successful leads

If you choose to use Earn-a-Car for your rent-to-buy car finance, there is also the opportunity to earn cash for successful leads. If you know of someone that is struggling to get vehicle finance, you can introduce them to Earn-a-Car. If they qualify for vehicle financing, and the deal is completed, you can receive R750 for every closed deal. 

Earn-a-Car can help you own a vehicle in as little as fifty-four months, with many vehicle models you can choose from. For more information, visit our website and drive away with your rent-to-buy car.