A new car is out of the question and by the looks of things, so is a used one – all because you’re blacklisted. You’ve been going through a difficult time but thought you would recover – and you probably still can, if only you can get your hands on a working vehicle. But as it is with bad things, they usually come in threes. First, you were blacklisted, then your car broke down and now your bank has informed you that your application for vehicle finance has been rejected. Can things get any worse? Well, they will if you don’t find a solution to your problem soon. Luckily, you’ve come across this blog and because you have, your luck is about to change.

There is plenty of hope for you to turn your life around if you let Earn-a-car help you by making that car you need available to you and so assist you in making things right.

With our unique vehicle financing program, you’ll be driving the used car of your choice, no matter what your credit rating. For a very affordable monthly fee, you’ll be able to choose the vehicle you want from our extensive range of pre-owned vehicles and can be mobile within 24 hours of finalising the paperwork. Included in your small monthly fee are all the necessities like insurance and breakdown assist and your car can be paid off within three-and-a-half to six years. By entering into a contract with us, you’ll also be able to rehabilitate your credit rating and if, when your contract ends, you don’t want the car anymore or want to upgrade when your finances are in order again, we will buy it back from you. This is the solution without strings and hidden clauses that you’ve been waiting for.

So contact us today and rest easy knowing that there is hope when it comes to getting your hands on a reliable used car – even if you are blacklisted.