At Earn-a-Car, we aim to help people find the fastest and most efficient way to get you back on the road again. We understand that life can take its toll, and we know how difficult it can be to walk into a bank and receive financial assistance to purchase your vehicle. That is where Earn-a-Car comes in, we are here to help.

Saving you time and money 

Owning a vehicle not only makes your life more convenient, it also helps increase your independence, time management, and productivity. We are here to help you save both time and money by applying for secure vehicle finance. 

Finding the right vehicle to suit your needs 

We have a wide variety of vehicles available for people from all walks of life, giving you options to suit your lifestyle and your pocket. 

Rent to own opportunities

Rent-to-own car financing is precisely what the name says. We give you the option to rent a car for a specified time, and once you have completed all payments in full, the vehicle belongs to you. This could take up to 54 months. All you need to access this finance option is:

  • Proof of income
  • The ability to make a minimum upfront payment
  • The ability to make a monthly payment
  • Meet the simple requirements set by Earn-a-Car.

Help us help you 

Spread the word about our service options, and we will give you R750.00 for every concluded sale referred to us, by you. Use your spare time and our unbeatable deals to earn some extra cash.

What we can do for you

Earn-a-Car prides itself on being the first rent-to-own a car company in South Africa, helping over 5 000 people gain access to efficient and speedy vehicle finance. Contact us today to find out how simple it is to apply and have feedback from one of our friendly consultants in just 24 hours.