4 03, 2018

If I have an accident, are there any excess fees?

By |2019-04-29T12:29:25+02:004 March 2018|

In the event of an accident, you will be required to pay an excess fee and your monthly payments may also be affected.The excess you will need to pay: First accident: The first accident excess is currently the higher of R3 000 or 10% of the damage.   Second accident: A second accident results in an excess of the higher [...]

4 03, 2018

How does the accident management and emergencies work?

By |2018-03-04T18:12:15+02:004 March 2018|

In the event of an accident, you can contact us on our 24 hour emergency response number, 079 128 7818. In association with Matrix, your monthly payments include vehicle tracking, immobilisation and emergency response management.For a full list of what the Vehicle breakdown assistance covers, click here.

4 03, 2018

What must I do in the event of an accident, theft, fire or loss?

By |2018-03-04T18:11:48+02:004 March 2018|

In the event of an accident, Earn-a-car’s accident management and support will guide you every step of the way. In order to ensure your accident indemnity and warranty is valid, make sure your account is up to date and in good standing. Report the incident immediately to the Earn-a-car 24 hour emergency response centre on 079 128 7818. The [...]

4 03, 2018

What is Service Support?

By |2018-03-04T18:11:22+02:004 March 2018|

In order to help you save for a rainy day and manage any unexpected costs, a minimum of R250 is set aside each month for you to use towards servicing your vehicle. If you want to put away a little extra, you can increase your Service Support savings by, say, R100 extra each month or whatever makes it work for [...]

4 03, 2018

Who is responsible for servicing the car?

By |2018-03-04T18:10:50+02:004 March 2018|

In order to ensure the manufacturer and Earn-a-car’s warranties are not breached, you need to service your vehicle at least once every 10 000 km, or as required by the manufacturer. Although service costs are for your own account, you can use your Service Support savings towards servicing your vehicle. Keep in mind that normal wear and tear, servicing [...]

4 03, 2018

What is covered in the comprehensive warrantee?

By |2018-03-04T18:10:14+02:004 March 2018|

Our comprehensive warrantee is subject to your contract with Earn-a-car. It requires your account to be up to date, the vehicle to be properly maintained and serviced regularly. In order for your warranty to be effective, we require you to disclose any issue regarding the vehicle within 30 days of the issue taking place. For a detailed outline of [...]

4 03, 2018

Is the vehicle roadworthy?

By |2018-03-04T18:09:34+02:004 March 2018|

Yes. We never compromise on safety, which is why all our vehicles are roadworthy and rented in the best possible condition. For your own protection as well as ours, we’ll provide you with proof of your vehicle’s original condition upfront in your contract.

4 03, 2018

Can I cancel my agreement with Earn-a-car?

By |2018-03-04T18:09:06+02:004 March 2018|

Yes. We don’t tie you in. Because our deals are flexible, you can own your car in your own time or cancel your agreement by giving a calendar month’s notice. If you choose to cancel your agreement, you will lose your initial down payment.