Safety should always be paramount with a rent-to-own vehicle. Monitoring and rectifying the wheel alignment of your vehicle will keep you and your family safe and save you money by not having to buy new tyres often, in the long run. We share facts you need to know about wheel alignment and how it impacts the condition of your vehicle’s tyres. 

Why is wheel alignment important for your rent-to-own vehicle? 

Correct wheel alignment helps your vehicle’s tyres perform well, last longer and improves the handling of the vehicle. Since the signs of wheel misalignment appear gradually, paying attention to your vehicle can save time, money and keep you safe behind the wheel.

What is wheel alignment? 

The system that connects the vehicle to its wheels is called the suspension and wheel alignment refers to an adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension. Proper alignment of the suspension means adjusting the angles of the tyres, which affects how they make road contact. 

Signs that a wheel alignment service is required on your rent-to-own vehicle

There are clear signs that indicate wheel alignment is required:

  • Vibration of the steering wheel when driving.
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right when driving.
  • The steering wheel is off centre when driving straight.
  • You notice an uneven tread wear on your vehicle tyres.

What do technicians look at when they check the wheel alignment of your rent-to-own vehicle? 

Technicians specifically look at three things when they check the wheel alignment of your vehicle – camber, toe and caster.

  • Camber alignment: this is the inward or outward angle of the tyre when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Misalignment of the camber might be caused by worn bearings, ball joints or other wheel-suspension parts.
  • Toe alignment: the extent to which the vehicle’s tyres turn inward or outward when viewed from above. This affects tyre tread wear. 
  • Caster alignment: the angle of the steering axis when viewed from the side of the vehicle. The caster angle balances the steering, stability and cornering of your vehicle. 

Poorly maintained roads and hitting potholes at speed are just two causes negatively impacting the wheel alignment of your rent-to-buy vehicle. Have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked regularly and keep your family safe.

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