With millions of cars on the road, we’re faced with bad drivers, poor decisions and potential hazards with every turn of the steering wheel. That’s why it’s crucial that we, as car lovers, stick to good driving practices to make sure that we keep our cars – one of the biggest investments we can make – safe on the road. Here are a few easy ways in which you can become a safer driver:

  • Look Ahead When You Are Taking A Turn On The Road

This technique used to be common in driver education courses, but people either forget or never got the memo. Looking ahead when taking corners will help you judge the corner better so you can make a nice, smooth turn instead of weaving and over controlling your car.

  • Look Ahead At Cars In The Distance

We tend to focus on our immediate surroundings on the road, especially if traffic is heavy. While this is important, you should also make a point of watching what’s happening in the distance. Noticing brake lights a few kilometers in front of you, for example, can provide you with precious seconds of reaction time that could keep you out of danger.

  • Get Up To Speed When Merging With Traffic

Highways have entrance ramps which are designed to allow motorists room to accelerate – so use it. You should be at the same speed as traffic by the end of the lane to make merging into traffic much easier and safer.

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