There is now a solution for consumers searching for easy blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa. With Earn a Car’s blacklisted vehicle finance; consumers can now qualify for a quality pre-owned vehicle with no credit checks required.

Earn a Car will have you mobile in 24 hours. Their unique model will help you to not only rehabilitate your credit record and get you moving with your own wheels in 24 hours, but also allow you to assume ownership over your car of choice over a minimum of 3 years or max 6 years. Read on to learn how you can own your own vehicle through blacklisted vehicle finance:

  • Choose your own car: Clients first choose which car they are interested in from a vast selection quality pre-owned vehicles
  • Earn cash: For every completed month of car rental the client earns cash. This accumulated cash, along with the upfront fee paid by the client can go towards purchasing the car from Earn a Car and acts as credit for the blacklisted vehicle finance
  • Upfront fee credited: The client’s upfront fee counts towards the blacklisted vehicle finance and it is credited towards the purchase of the vehicle
  • Take ownership of the car in max 6 years: Should you take the most expensive vehicle at the cheapest option, you should have complete ownership of the car in less than 6 years
  • Cash back: If you wish not to use your cash back as part of your vehicle purchase, you can receive it in cash with one month’s notice

It is now possible to own your own vehicle in less than 6 years, even if you are blacklisted. Contact Earn a Car for blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa.


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