Getting blacklisted is nothing to be ashamed about – in fact, in this tough economy, more people than ever are struggling to pay their bills. The problem with being blacklisted is that it makes it hard to get anything on credit, especially a car – and in South Africa, a car is exactly what you need if you want to get a job, move up in the world and get your life on the track to success!

Luckily, there are options for vehicle financing that don’t require a look at your credit record – making it easier to get out on the road. Earn-A-Car specialises in this type of vehicle financing for people who have been blacklisted and have found a way to make their rent-to-earn car programme even more helpful:

  1. Earn money as you drive. For every month that you complete in their rental programme, you actually earn money. This money can go towards paying off your car or you can even withdraw it to pay for fuel, groceries – anything you want!
  2. Improve your credit record. Not only will this programme get you out and about, it will also improve your credit record at the same time! Because you’re participating in a rent-to-earn programme and paying your car off each month, it will reflect positively on your credit score, helping you to apply in the future for credit cards and home loans.
  3. It’s cheaper than traditional vehicle financing. Often, options for blacklisted people are expensive because they know you have limited options – this isn’t the case with Earn-A-Car! This rent-to-earn programme is more affordable than almost every option that a traditional financial institution like a bank can offer. This means that you qualify for the lowest payments available.
  4. You will own your car in record time. By sticking to the rent-to-own programme, Earn-A-Car guarantees that no matter how fancy the car you choose is, you’ll be the proud owner of it in 3.5 to 6 years time.

Contact Earn-A-Car today to find out more about this fantastic vehicle financing option for blacklisted people!