Earn your car in 54 months

Earn your own car when dealing with Earn-a-car

Our Earn-a-car programme means you drive the car of your choice while earning ownership over a minimum of 3 and a half years and a maximum of six years.

Here’s how?

  • earn your car in 54 monthsClients choose a car of their choice from Earn-a-car.
  • Clients earn cash for every completed month they rent the car. This cash, which is available at termination of the rental, along with the upfront fee can be used to purchase a car from ourselves. If you don’t want to use the cash-back to buy your choice of car, then give it back to us (we normally allow a month’s notice) and spend the cash as you wish.
  • We credit your upfront fee against the purchase of the car from us.
  • If you choose our cheapest most affordable option or buy an expensive car, you can take ownership of the car after no more than six years.
  • We guarantee that the upfront payments along with your cash back, when used together, will enable you to take ownership of the car you choose in as little 54months (the term and pricing is laid out in your contract with us).

Contact us now for further details on rent to own your own car.