Would you like to make some extra cash on the side? If you answered yes, then earning money through referrals is the solution for you. If you now someone who is looking to buy a car, sending us their details will be the easiest R1,000 you have earned. That’s right, we pay R1,000 for every successful sales lead.

All you need to do to earn R1,000, is forward us leads using this form, or by SMSing +27 72 049 5907 and we will pay you R1,000 for every lead that is successfully converted.  We can pay you either by depositing R1,000 into an ABSA ATM and SMSing you the pin, or by depositing the money straight into your bank account.

Referring potential buyers to Earn-a-car could be the only way for these people to get a decent car. That’s because Earn-a-car has solution that help people who are blacklisted get vehicle finance.

Your referrals can be anonymous

If you want us to keep your referral anonymous, we can exercise discretion. You may wish to keep your referral anonymous because the person you refer is a client or customer that was turned down for vehicle finance. We can still help your client buy a car and earn R1,000 at the same time, provided we help them buy a car.

Maybe your friend is sensitive about being turned down for vehicle finance and you don’t know how to help without hurting their feelings. All you need to do is send us your friend’s details and we will take care of the rest. Your friend could be driving a new car within 24 hours.

Start earning money today through your referrals. Contact Earn-a-car to find out more.