Looking for vehicle financing the traditional way is one of those hassles you don’t need right now. You don’t want to stand in queues for hours and wait for your chance to speak to the person in charge and then fill in a lot of forms only to wait for days on end as they do a credit check on you. After the loan finally gets approved, it will probably take another week or so before the money is made available – and then you have to go and deal with the people you intend to buy your car from, which will probably entail another load of forms and another extensive waiting period. Vehicle financing the traditional way is a bureaucratic nightmare – and doubly so if you need a car now and not next Christmas.

If you agree with this sentiment, then you should consider doing vehicle financing the Earn-a-Car way. We don’t do credit background checks and even extend vehicle financing to people with bad credit. With us, getting hold of a car also doesn’t entail dealing with two separate parties. After entering into a simple contract with us, you’ll be able to select the vehicle of your choice from our extensive fleet of pre-owned vehicles – and it will be made available to you within the next 24 hours. For a low monthly fee, you will be able to pay off your car within the next three-and-a-half to six years and included in this low monthly fee are all the basics like insurance and breakdown assist. If you don’t want your car any longer when your contract ends, we will gladly buy it back from you. With us, there are no queues, a lot less paperwork and almost no waiting period. This is how vehicle financing should work.

So forget traditional vehicle financing, contact us today and do vehicle financing the Earn-a-Car way.