Is it time for your son or daughter to start driving but your bad credit is preventing you from fulfilling their dream of independence? Look no further than Earn-a-Car to take away your worries!

Very often the case that the circumstances that lead to us landing ourselves in a bad credit situation are beyond our control and, unfortunately, we cannot simply put our responsibilities on hold when we get into a sticky spot. This usually means that the people around us are the ones who suffer the most – especially our spouses and our children.

As a parent, it gives us joy to be able to provide our children with the things they need and a car is one of those landmark gifts that every parent longs to give. It is a symbol of trust, responsibility and independence – and with Earn-a-Car, your bad credit won’t stand in your way.

At Earn-a-Car, not only does your bad credit rating have no impact on your chances of receiving vehicle financing, but you will be rehabilitating your credit record at the same time by simply sticking to Earn-a-Car’s very affordable payment plan! This payment plan will give you peace of mind as it will not be a long term burden on your pocket. Your car will be completely paid off in at least three and a half years! And if that is not enough, the payment plan not only includes the actual car payment, but also ensures that you are covered for basic necessities such as insurance. All you need to do is choose from a wide range of top quality, pre-owned vehicles, fill out the paper work and the car of your choice will be available to you within twenty four hours!

At Earn-a-Car, your needs are important to us. Contact Earn-a-Car today and prevent bad credit from getting in the way of life.