Have you ever regretted buying a car? If you have, it is probably because you agreed to a less than fair deal that was based on one or more of the following scenarios:

  • You Went to An Auto Dealer to Find Out What Kind of Vehicle Financing You Could Get Approved For

It is important to enquire at your own bank or, at the very least, multiple other banks before approaching an auto dealership. Even if the car dealer offers you a great interest rate, you will not have any way of knowing if it is a good deal based on your own credit profile. A 3,8% interest rate may sound like a good deal, but what if you qualify for a 2,7% interest rate from your bank? Shop around for the best interest rate before you go car shopping.

  • You Skipped the Test Drive Or did Not Do A Thorough Test Drive

If you think that because you have always driven a sedan, you know what it feels like to drive one and, therefore, do not have to test drive your selected car, then you have fallen foul of this mistake. You need to do a proper test drive of every car you are seriously considering to buy.

  • You did Not Properly Research the Vehicle

Some of the things you need to research before you choose a car is the vehicle’s safety. You also have to verify the fuel economy of the car with a credible source. Cars have different crash ratings, and this can make a huge difference in the safety of your car. A car with a three-star crash rating triples your risk of injury when compared to a car with a five-star crash rating.

These are only some of the pitfalls that you need to avoid when buying a used car. When you partner with Earn-A-Car for rent-to-own vehicle financing, you can rest assured that all of our cars have been thoroughly inspected and approved by experienced mechanics. Find out more about car finance with bad credit and used car finance from Earn-A-Car today