So, you have acquired a new set of wheels (even if your car is pre-owned, it’s still new to you) and now your concern is keeping your car in tip-top condition. Car maintenance can, however, cost you a pretty penny if you’re not careful. If you financed your vehicle through Earn-a-Car, you’ll know that you’re getting the best and most affordable deal, including the option for car finance with bad credit. Even so, it’s a good idea to see where you can save on your car maintenance going forward, without cutting corners.


Most car finance deals include a service plan. At Earn-a-Car, we include R250 per month towards servicing when you arrange to finance through us. While there are many servicing jobs that should only be carried out by a professional, you can take care of basic maintenance and keep your monthly costs even lower! Consider the following jobs that you can DIY:


  • Check and replace oil

Oil is essential to ensure that your engine parts are well lubricated. You should check your oil at least once a month using the dipstick under the front bonnet: pull the dipstick out, wipe with a cloth, put it back in and then pull out again. The dipstick will have markings indicating whether your oil is low or not. Fill up with oil as necessary (you can buy motor oil from your local petrol station).


  • Check the radiator

Locate your car’s radiator under the bonnet, unscrew the cap and fill up with water regularly. It is that simple, but this basic check can help you avoid extensive damage if your car overheats due to insufficient cooling.


  • Air filter and spark plugs

The air filter and spark plugs should be changed once a year. This task may sound too complex for a novice to DIY but it is not difficult. Just ask for some assistance when you purchase the parts, follow the instructions to-a-T, have a little patience and you’ll save on your mechanic’s bill.


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