What if we told you that you could qualify for a vehicle financing programme and could be mobile within 24 hours? You’d probably think: “These guys don’t know about my bad credit rating.” What if we told you that you could qualify for our unique vehicle financing programme no matter what your credit rating? Our guess is that you would probably be thinking something along the lines of: “Who are you exactly?” Followed by: “Tell me more.” If our guess is right, read on.

Who we are is Earn-A-Car and our unique vehicle financing programme is, as we said, available to you no matter what your credit rating. We don’t do any credit checks. So, even if you’re blacklisted, you probably still qualify.

When you enter into a contract with us, you can choose the car of your liking from our wide range of pre-owned vehicles and it will be made available to you within 24 hours. Depending on your preference, your contract with us will run from three and half to six years – and when your time with us comes to a close, you’ll be the owner of the vehicle. If you don’t want the vehicle any longer, you can return it and receive a lump sum of cash instead.

Included in our low monthly rates are all the essentials like insurance and breakdown assist, which means that you’ll be taking care of everything that goes with paying off and owning a car in one easy payment. Best of all: Anyone who is currently blacklisted will be able to rehabilitate their credit rating in a manageable way by entering into an agreement with us.

“But what’s the catch?” You’re probably thinking after reading this. Our answer: There isn’t one.

So contact us today, because no matter who you are or what your financial situation is, chances are you do qualify for our vehicle financing programme.