Warranty Cover

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Maximum claims are limited in terms of Benefit A and Benefit B below depending on the age of the vehicle:

Benefit A: Vehicles not older that 4 years or 130,000 kms’s  at the time of the claim

Benefit B: Vehicles older than 4 years or more than 130,000 km’s at the time of the claim

Cover A B
Cylinder block, cylinder head (mechanical failure only), pistons, gudgeon pins, piston rings, crankshaft main and big-end bearings, oil pump, connection rods, camshaft, cam followers, casing, valve-operating mechanism (excluding the belt), valves, valve guides, valve-stem seals and complete overhaul gasket set.
(Please note that cracked cylinder heads as a result of overheating are subject to the overheating benefit limit)
 R20,000  R10,000
Transmission – manual vehicles :  Gears, shafts, synchronic hubs, bearings and casing.Transmission – Automatic vehicles :  Torque converter, gears, oil pump, valve block assembly, clutch bands and casing (flex plate excluded).
R14,000  R7,000
Differential (Transaxle):
Differential and front wheel drive unit :  Crown wheel and pinion, differential assembly, bearings, all internal drive units parts and casings.
R14,000 R7,000
Drive shafts (Prop shafts):
Half shafts, side shafts, CV joints, prop shafts (excluding prop shaft tube).
R5,000 R2,500
For mechanical failure only.  Clutch plate, clutch fork, pressure plate, slave cylinder, release bearing and master cylinder.
R5,000 R2,500
Upper and lower wishbones with associated ball joints and bushes.
R5,000 R2,500
Wheel Bearings:
Driven wheels only (excluding hubs).
R5,000 R2,500
Turbo Assembly:
Turbo charger, factory fitted as standard, including impellers, shafts, bushes and casings (excludes intercoolers).
R8,000 R4,000
Management System:
Engine Management Electronic Control Unit (ECU) only.
 R8,000  R4,000
Front Wheel Drive Unit: R5,000 R2,500
Steering Mechanism:
All internal parts of steering box rack and pinion and power steering pump (excludes rubber boots).
R5,000 R2,500
Fuel System:
Carburettor, fuel pump, airflow meter, fuel accumulator, fuel distributor, warm up regulator (excludes fuel injectors, service, tune-up and diesel pump calibrator).
R5,000 R2,500
Braking System:
Servo unit, master cylinder, wheel cylinder washers and calliper seals.
R5,000 R2,500
Electrical Components:
Alternator, starter motor, wiper motor, and electric sunroof motor
 R5,000 R2,500
Electrical Ignition:
All solid-state control and triggered units where fitted as standard by the manufacturer (excludes distributor, ignition switch, barrel and key).
R5,000 R2,500
Cooling System:
Water pump and radiator repair (tank leaks only).
R5,000 R2,500
Air Conditioner:
Air conditioner compressor (excludes re gassing).
R5,000 R2,500
Any breakdown as result of overheating, whatever the cause, and giving rise to engine / part failure / cracked cylinder head shall be limited to the amount stated under Overheating in the limits of liability table
R5,000 R2,500
Over fueling of diesel vehicles:
Breakdowns because of any defect arising from over fuelling, incorrect servicing, adjustment or replacement of injectors, injection pumps and associated parts are limited to the benefits as listed under the limits of liability table found on your product information sheet
R5,000 R2,500
Cam Belt Failure:
Actual breaking or stripping of teeth of the cam belt and any resulting damage, for example, bent valves, etc. – Any cam belt-related claim is limited as per the limits of liability table under Cam belt Failure.
R5,000 R2,500
 Tow-in Charges: R1,000 R1,000