A good warranty can work wonders

All our vehicles are covered by a comprehensive warranty which covers the high-cost components and helps keep repair costs under control. In order to enjoy the protection offered by the warranty, please take note of the following:

To keep the warranty in place, DO:

  • Take care of the vehicle
  • Take reasonable steps to service the vehicle and keep it roadworthy
  • Maintain a full, up-to-date service history
  • Be truthful at all times about the vehicle’s condition and any problems
  • Tell us as soon as possible about any claim (within 30 days)
  • Keep premiums up to date

Certain actions on your part can invalidate the warranty – leaving you liable for the consequences.  See your contract for full details.


  • Use the vehicle if it breaks down or if breakdown is imminent
  • Tamper with the tracking unit
  • Misrepresent any claim or use improper means to obtain warranty benefits to which you are not entitled. Fraud voids the warranty.
  • Use the vehicle for racing, speed testing or any competitive or commercial use
  • Make adjustments that have not been approved by the manufacturer, including V6 conversions and turbo-charging
  • Use petroleum products for which the engine or ancillary systems are not designed
  • Make repairs without prior authorisation or allow repairs to be carried out by an unauthorised person
  • Disconnect or tamper with the speedometer or odometer

See a detailed list of the components covered under our warranty