Is there anything more exciting (or stressful) than car shopping? Probably not, which is why it is crucial to know whether you should choose a used or a certified pre-owned vehicle. You might wonder what the difference is between used and pre-owned vehicles. A certified pre-owned vehicle is inspected according to the manufacturer’s strict standards and carries a manufacturer-backed warranty. That warranty usually extends the duration period of the new-car coverage, which is what makes them different from a used car and why it is a smart choice to choose one.

Multi-point inspection 

A CPO car undergoes a rigorous multi-point inspection according to the manufacturer’s standards. This inspection includes looking at the tyres’ condition, the brakes, the engine, and other areas where there might be potential damage or issues. Pre-owned vehicles can experience between 100 and 200 individual item checks, ensuring that they are in top condition by the time they are up for sale. The reconditioning process involves fixing and replacing broken parts, making the car ‘good as new’ when it hits the dealership floor. A multi-point inspection also gives you a complete history of the vehicle, including any/all services and repairs by the previous owner.

Final verdict 

Choosing to buy a pre-owned vehicle allows you to have a superior quality vehicle at a lower cost than a new model. Because only cars in the best condition can qualify, you will not be compromising on quality, and a warranty will still cover you should anything happen to your car. Roadside assistance and free maintenance are often included as part of the purchase, saving you time, money, and effort that can be used for other endeavours, such as a road trip in your new vehicle.

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