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25 06, 2019

What is a Rent-to-Own Car Finance Plan?

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By owning a car, you get to enjoy the convenience that comes with it, such as being able to grab your car keys and get to where you want to be at any time of the day. Buying a car is extremely exciting, however the deposit or upfront payment fee prevents a number of people from enjoying the benefits [...]

21 06, 2019

Running Your Own Business? Rent-to-Own is Easier than Traditional Car Finance!

By |2019-06-14T14:57:36+02:0021 June 2019|Vehicle finance|

As a business owner, you need a vehicle to optimise your operations. However, accessing the capital required for a car purchase is not easy, especially if you need that capital as a cash injection into your business to pay employee salaries, rent office space or purchase raw materials for example. If you have a poor credit record, you will [...]

18 06, 2019

Vehicle Financing for Those who Earn on a Commission Basis

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As a rent-to-own vehicle finance provider, we help clients who want an affordable, long-term solution to own a car. Whether you earn a commission or a fixed monthly salary, you can turn to us to find your next set of wheels. Many people have a love-hate relationship with commission-based income. On the one hand, you are largely responsible for [...]

29 10, 2018

Here’s the Easiest Way to Buy an Affordable Car in SA

By |2018-10-15T11:20:37+02:0029 October 2018|Blog, Vehicle finance|

If you are struggling to get vehicle finance from a bank or other financial institution, then it is time to consider rent-to-buy car financing options. Not only does it help you to avoid a new line of credit, but you also will not have to pay the high interest rates that banks charge on vehicle loans. With Earn-a-Car, you [...]

28 08, 2017

Let Your Car Help You Get Un-blacklisted

By |2017-08-11T09:21:29+02:0028 August 2017|Blog, Vehicle finance|

Getting affordable motor vehicle finance in South Africa can seem like a nightmare, especially if you're buying a car while blacklisted. Getting your vehicle finance application denied can leave you with little hope of ever being able to gain mobility and independence from the public transport system.   Thankfully, Earn-A-Car's progressive rent-to-own business model provides easy vehicle finance that's [...]

17 07, 2017

Self-employed? Don’t let the banks tell you that you can’t get motor vehicle finance

By |2017-06-30T10:58:14+02:0017 July 2017|Blog, Vehicle finance|

One of the most frustrating aspects of being self-employed is being unable to get motor vehicle finance in South Africa. Or so the banks would tell you. For a long time, they were right. You could only get vehicle finance in South Africa if you were employed or you had your own business: with assets that could be attached. [...]

3 07, 2017

How to choose the right vehicle for your needs – and get the best financing options

By |2017-06-30T10:45:23+02:003 July 2017|Vehicle finance|

Choosing the best vehicle starts with selecting it along with the vehicle finance plan that suits you. There are many options out there! Unless you are buying with a particular make and model in mind from the very start, it can be mind boggling trying to wade through all the specs, marketing hype and advice. You have to weigh up the [...]

26 06, 2017

From Debt Consolidation to Easy Vehicle Finance – Read Our Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit Record

By |2017-05-30T09:02:16+02:0026 June 2017|Vehicle finance|

Bad credit can happen to anyone. Getting back on track may seem very difficult, however, the car financing specialists at Earn-A-Car know what you’re going through and are here to help you rebuild your credit record.   The best way to turn your financial situation around is to rebuild your credit record. Here are some tips to help you [...]

19 06, 2017

Want Your New Car to Help Get You a New Job? Read Our Interview Tips!

By |2017-05-30T08:53:10+02:0019 June 2017|Blog, Vehicle finance|

Getting a new car is all about realising your dreams and giving you the freedom of movement that you need to survive in this day and age. But what you maybe haven’t realised is that it can help get you a new job too. Allow Earn-A-Car to give you the interview tips to help you secure that new job! [...]

5 06, 2017

How Much Does Traditional Car Financing Cost You? We Have the Alternative!

By |2017-05-30T08:40:26+02:005 June 2017|Blog, Vehicle finance|

You’re eager to gain the freedom of movement offered by having your own car, but you’ve found that the traditional car financing options from various vehicle financing companies, particularly in the South African market, is prohibitively expensive, or life has dealt you a bad hand leaving you blacklisted or with bad credit and nobody wants anything to do with [...]