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18 04, 2016

5 Things to consider before you buy a new car

By |2016-03-31T09:18:28+02:0018 April 2016|Earn a Car, Vehicle finance|

Buying a new car is an important and life-changing decision to make, including getting the right vehicle finance in South Africa. If you want to buy a new car, you have to remember to get the best possible motor vehicle finance in South Africa. Without vehicle finance companies to help you get the best deals, it will be nearly [...]

14 03, 2016

Tired of breaking down? Get a new car the affordable way

By |2016-02-16T15:00:13+02:0014 March 2016|Blog, Earn a Car|

Having a car to get you where you need to be makes life so much easier. When it keeps breaking down however, it is time to get a new car; the affordable way. The hunt for a new car can be expensive, especially when you are blacklisted. You can however, get the most affordable vehicle finance with just a [...]

5 10, 2015

What are your vehicle options when you choose our car financing?

By |2015-09-29T10:36:32+02:005 October 2015|Blog, Car Finance, Earn a Car|

Car financing options can become limited, especially if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit history. It is important to know what your vehicle options are, before you decide on how to finance the purchase. Choosing the right car financing has a lot to do with choosing the right vehicle. You must make sure the vehicle you are [...]

28 09, 2015

How to choose the best vehicle finance for blacklisted clients

By |2015-08-27T07:52:15+02:0028 September 2015|Blog, Earn a Car, Rent to buy, Vehicle finance|

Being blacklisted is not the easiest issue to cope with. More often than not people begin to rake up big debt and are unable to meet the payment commitments. In South Africa, nearly a quarter of our population have a below average credit rating, showing we have serious financial constraints as individuals. For smaller items such as clothing, you [...]

24 08, 2015

How to choose the right car and financing option- for your lifestyle

By |2015-08-03T08:48:16+02:0024 August 2015|Blog, Earn a Car|

Selecting a dream car has never been easier. With car finance approval by Earn-a-car, you will have the liberty to choose from a great selection of previously owned vehicles. Often many people view the car they envisage driving or owning but do not take into consideration the functionality, maintenance or affordability of that particular vehicle. At Earn-a-car, our team [...]

6 07, 2015

New cars vs. used cars – what’s the right choice and where can you get vehicle financing?

By |2015-06-26T11:10:36+02:006 July 2015|Earn cash for your car, Rent to buy|

Everyone has their own individual needs when it comes to the car they want and the vehicle financing they can get. What might work for one person may be a bad option for another person. In this blog post we discuss the various benefits and drawbacks of buying a new car: Benefits of buying a new car It’s brand [...]

10 11, 2014

Are maintenance and insurance costs covered in rent-to-buy used car deals?

By |2014-11-10T09:28:30+02:0010 November 2014|Blog, Earn a Car, Vehicle finance|

You may feel reluctant to enter into a rent-to-buy used car deal for fear of being denied basic necessities such as maintenance costs and insurance in your contract. Very often, pre-owned vehicles come with a whole host of financial problems and this is why you need to invest in a pre-owned vehicle from a dealership that puts the needs [...]

26 05, 2014

Keep your family safe on the roads with a quality second-hand car – even if you’re blacklisted

By |2014-04-30T08:59:44+02:0026 May 2014|Earn a Car, Rent to buy|

If you’ve been credit blacklisted in South Africa and are searching for a way to obtain financing for a second-hand car, contact Earn-A-Car today and discover how easy it can be to start earning your own vehicle! Your family’s lives are made infinitely more convenient when you’re able to go when you want, where you want - but not [...]

14 04, 2014

How to earn cash with our vehicle financing and successful referrals!

By |2014-04-30T13:49:41+02:0014 April 2014|Earn Cash for Referrals, Vehicle finance|

The idea of earning money while you rent a car sounds absurd, but with the vehicle financing options at Earn-a-Car, it’s a reality! At Earn-a-Car, we take all your preconceived ideas of traditional vehicle financing and throw them out the window. Just as our name states, with us, you can actually earn your car while you drive. By entering [...]

30 08, 2013

What kinds of cars can you get when you’re blacklisted?

By |2013-08-30T09:00:54+02:0030 August 2013|Blacklisted vehicle, Earn a Car|

If you’re blacklisted, you’re probably thinking that your car options are pretty limited – after all, the banks won’t lend to you, so there’s a limit on what you can afford, right? Wrong! You just need to be looking in the right place. Earn-A-Car specialises in giving anyone who is blacklisted the opportunity to earn their car and become [...]

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