Blacklisted credit

29 09, 2014

Why our vehicle financing is open to anyone with bad credit

By |2014-09-30T07:24:47+02:0029 September 2014|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted credit, Blog|

These days, with the high cost of living, you’re probably already swimming in debt and may even have a bad credit rating. The idea of getting into yet more debt is therefore not appealing but the good news is you don’t need to sell your soul to own one of our used cars. What is bad credit and how [...]

23 06, 2014

Five myths about bad credit

By |2014-05-29T08:05:52+02:0023 June 2014|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted credit|

When people find themselves in a situation where they become the victims of bad credit, they can get confused as to what their limitations are and how to go about rectifying the problem. Having a better understanding of what is and is not true where bad credit is concerned will help you a great deal in setting the record [...]

2 06, 2014

Six ways to get your bad credit record back on track

By |2014-05-29T07:54:24+02:002 June 2014|Blacklisted credit|

Getting a bad credit record can affect your life negatively in so many ways. No matter where you go, or what you do, this information goes with you, even when you’ve landed in financial trouble due to events and circumstances that are not within your control. The good news, however, is there are ways in which you can begin [...]

12 05, 2014

Why a used car is key to restarting your life when you’ve been blacklisted

By |2014-04-30T08:50:27+02:0012 May 2014|Blacklisted credit, Blacklisted vehicle|

For people who have been credit blacklisted, finding vehicle financing can turn into a long, discouraging and exhaustive process. The good news is that when you come to Earn-A-Car, we don’t care if you’re blacklisted and we don’t mind if you’ve got a credit history that prevents you from getting financing anywhere else. Did you know that one in [...]

28 04, 2014

Get the job you need to get ahead – even when you’ve been blacklisted

By |2014-04-28T09:00:40+02:0028 April 2014|Blacklisted credit, Blacklisted finance|

Getting blacklisted can be the beginning of what seems like a never ending list of troubles. Even if the circumstances leading to your situation were way beyond your control, getting finance for a simple necessity such as a vehicle becomes impossible - and that can stand in the way you achieving what is necessary to rectify your bad credit [...]

7 04, 2014

Great second-hand car and no vehicle financing loan when you have bad credit? It’s no April Fool’s joke!

By |2014-04-07T09:00:15+02:007 April 2014|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted credit|

It’s easy to believe that many things would be beyond your reach when you have a bad credit record, even a second-hand car. When looking to finance certain necessities such as a vehicle, banks and other credit service providers can be very picky and insensitive to your situation. Thankfully, with Earn-a-Car, there is no need for all of that! [...]

2 12, 2013

Plan your December holidays today with a new car – even if you have bad credit!

By |2013-12-02T09:00:35+02:002 December 2013|Blacklisted credit|

Let’s face it: You’ve managed to run up some bad credit, which means that the December holiday you had planned for the family just does not seem like it’s going to happen. As a matter of fact, the situation has gotten so out of hand that you can’t even get vehicle finance for that new car that you so [...]

28 08, 2013

Earning your car is the perfect vehicle finance option if you’re blacklisted

By |2013-08-28T09:00:53+02:0028 August 2013|Blacklisted credit|

Getting blacklisted is nothing to be ashamed about – in fact, in this tough economy, more people than ever are struggling to pay their bills. The problem with being blacklisted is that it makes it hard to get anything on credit, especially a car – and in South Africa, a car is exactly what you need if you want [...]

6 05, 2013

Banks giving you the cold shoulder because of bad credit? 3 tips for getting a car if you are blacklisted.

By |2013-05-06T10:31:19+02:006 May 2013|Blacklisted credit|

If you’re blacklisted, it can be very difficult to get traditional vehicle financing for a car because banks always look at your bad credit record. The first thing to remember is that there is nothing to be ashamed of when you have a bad credit score. In fact, with the economic difficulties we’re all facing, it’s becoming a reality [...]

25 03, 2013

Earn-a-Car’s Ts and Cs: The Solution for being stuck with Bad Credit

By |2013-02-14T15:31:32+02:0025 March 2013|Blacklisted credit|

Most of us have been in a negative financial situation, so it is a good thing that there is a solution to bad credit. A bad credit history should not stop you from buying a car of your own, turning your finances around and clearing your name. All of this is possible with to Earn-a-Car. Earn-a-Car specialises in helping [...]

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