Are you going to be hitting the open road this summer holiday? Road trips are an adventure to enjoy – not merely a means to a destination. However, for maximum fun, it is important that your car is ready to travel. Being organised and safe are the number one priorities when planning an epic drive.

Don’t Let a Lack of Planning Damper Your Holidays 

Not only is having something that goes wrong on the open road dangerous, it is an awful way to start your holidays. To ensure that you are adequately prepared, we have compiled a checklist for you:

  • Invest in getting your car serviced – even if you do not really want to spend the money. It is better to pay for a service than the expense (and hassle) of an emergency breakdown.
  • Check that your battery is fully charged (use a multimeter or go for a free battery test at a reputable battery outlet). Make sure that the terminals are clean.
  • Inspect your tyres (including the spare) to ensure they have enough tread and that they are at the correct pressure. “The legal minimum tread depth in South Africa is 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tread width and round its entire circumference. Tyres also have tread wear indicators moulded into the base of the main grooves. When the tread surface is worn to the same level as these indicators, the tyre is at the legal limit and should be replaced to ensure safe driving.” (Michelin)
  • Top up your car’s fluids – the engine oil, water, transmission, coolants, brakes and power steering.
  • Confirm that all your lights are in working condition.
  • Ensure your registration and insurance are up to date.
  • Pack the following:
  • Jumper cables,
  • Tyre changing kit,
  • Water, both to be able to top up the car and for the passengers to drink,
  • First aid kit, and
  • A torch.

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