A good car maintenance plan can save you money and time. Here is why you should consider a maintenance plan from your car manufacturer.

How does a car maintenance plan work?

A scheduled maintenance plan is purchased from dealerships or manufacturers when you buy a car. You can purchase a maintenance plan that is added to your monthly loan payment if you financed a car from a dealership. You can also take out a car maintenance plan with a professional if you bought a car outside of a dealership.

Maintenance plans differ from warranties. These plans cover parts and services such as oil changes or inspections at service intervals. Warranties on the other hand only cover fixes on parts that are not working.

How maintenance plans can help protect your vehicle

Maintenance can help you to pick out problems on your vehicle before it becomes a bigger (and more costly) issue. A prepaid plan for proper maintenance will ensure your car is properly checked. Some of the checks on car maintenance plans include:

  • Oil change
  • Tyre rotation
  • Filter change
  • Fluid replacement

Regular checks of the above will help keep your vehicle running for longer.

What you should know before purchasing a car maintenance plan

A prepaid car maintenance plan is an affordable option for those looking to keep their car newer for longer. It also works for those looking to keep a car for a temporary period. You will need to shop around to find a monthly plan within your budget. Some dealerships may not cover a specific service. You should go to your local dealership to find out what they cover or speak to an expert about a good maintenance deal.

Earn-A-Car rewards car users with warranty and insurance coverage, as long as they keep their maintenance up-to-date. You are required to service your vehicle at least once every 10 000 km, or as required by the manufacturer to be eligible for our warranty and emergency assistance services. We also give you a monthly amount of cashback when you rent a car with us which you use towards servicing your vehicle. 

Let us help you make the costs of a car maintenance plan easier – give us a call today!