When times are tough, you do your best to juggle income and ever-increasing expenses. Despite your best efforts though, it can easily happen that you are blacklisted or experienced bankruptcy or repossession. With this comes bad credit i.e. a high interest rate or a colossal down payment or both.

Moving Forward

To right the situation you find yourself in, you need to rebuild your credit. You also need to be mobile. But how do you obtain car finance with bad credit?

Look no further than Earn-a-Car. Unlike most vehicle finance companies in South Africa, we offer car financing for everybody – even those who have been blacklisted. But that’s not all! By choosing this option, you get a car and improve your credit ranking in one go.

There are various requirements that need to be met – such as having proof of income and a down payment of R16,500 (at least – determined by the car you choose) – but should you meet them, you could even be driving your brand new car within an hour. All the information that you need is available at the Earn-a-car website.

Value Added

Because we have a vested interest in your vehicle, we care about its care. We also care about you. That is why we include various additional services in your monthly payment.

A comprehensive warranty plan covers any high-cost components and helps minimise repair costs. To ensure your warranty is valid, it is important to service your car regularly. We set aside a minimum of R250 each month for you to put towards servicing your vehicle.

Should you be involved in an accident, we will guide you through the accident process. If necessary, we will also dispatch emergency vehicles and notify your family of the accident. Financially, we cover medical transportation costs or inter-hospital transfers through our SOS partners and will pay the first R500 of the towing charge.

Financing For You

Earn-a-car offers the easiest way to finance your car and even earn cash while doing so. Contact us today.