As with all large purchases, it is essential to do your research before buying your car online. Purchasing a vehicle is not a small deal, so it is vital to fully understand all the core elements surrounding the decision you are about to make. Here is a quick guide to take you through the steps.

Understand your budget 

Before starting with the online buying process, there are some tasks you need to take care of. First on that list is establishing your budget. You will want to consider the total cost of the car, including the total cost of interest you will pay over the term of your loan, as well as all the other costs of putting a vehicle on the road, including fuel, insurance, license renewals and maintenance. 

Know what type of car you want and need

Are you still wondering which car is right for you or how to decide which car to buy? The best place to start is to search for a car that fits your lifestyle preferences and requirements. The first thing you will need to understand is the make and model of the vehicle including the mileage. When choosing a car, it is important to ensure that the car meets your needs. Therefore, save yourself from future hassle of having to buy another car in the short term by undertaking thorough research into the different types of cars and finding one that is suitable for you.

Get pre-approved for your loan 

It is easy to get a pre-approved finance deal online. You can shop at credit unions, banks and other lenders, or choose a website that can get you offers from multiple lenders with a single application. Earn-a-Car can provide you with an instant online pre-approval system that takes less than two minutes to complete. If you qualify and have the required documents and upfront payment, you can drive away in your chosen car within 2 hours.  

Use the rent-to-buy option 

The rent-to-buy car financing option is a plan where you pay a monthly rental instalment (not subject to interest rates as with a vehicle loan), and at the end of the fixed term, the car becomes yours.

With Earn-a-Car, you can get to own your car in as little as four years or less, depending on your financial situation. We provide affordable rates that are interest-free. Contact us today for more information about our easy vehicle financing options and rent-to-buy cars.